Sunday, May 6, 2018

Could Writing for the Media become The Argo Internship

By Michael Heilman

        Every semester, Stockton University offers a class for communication studies majors called Writing for the Media. Students get hands on experience by interviewing people on campus, composing intriguing and engaging articles, preparing articles for publication, and posting articles to social media and blogger. After the students edit the articles, they send them to The Argo, the independent student newspaper at Stockton University for submission. Some of these articles are selected for publication in the newspaper. If students write more than three articles that are published, those students can get paid for their work.
         Converting Writing for the Media into The Argo internship would be beneficial for those seeking to work in the journalism field. Just like the Community TV Internship, where students work behind the scenes with professionals producing shows. The Argo Internship would focus on producing and publishing stories for the newspaper, online and social media. Students would show up to The Argo weekly meetings with the Editor in Chief, Assistant Editor along with their professor to discuss topics to write about at Stockton University. Stockton has activities planned for almost every day of the semester. By incorporating an internship, students would be assigned various events to cover over the course of the semester. This would not only give journalism students experiencing in covering events, producing press releases, and articles, but give the Argo access to work produced by students that would be relevant to Stockton readers.
        By changing the Writing for the Media class to The Argo Internship, it would be the first of many steps to help the communication studies program.

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