Sunday, October 21, 2018

Opinion: One Writer’s Perspective on Two Candidates

Republican Seth Grossman (left) and Jeff Van Drew (right) debate controversial topics at Stockton University.
(Photo Credits: Sierra Estremera)
Opinion: One Writer’s Perspective on Two Candidates
By Raghu Jhala

Stockton University’s Campus Center Theater recently held a debate between Democrat Jeff Van Drew and Republican Seth Grossman. Both candidates were eager to establish their position by appealing to their respective audiences. It was obvious at the event there was a clear divide between social, economic, and state policy when addressing debate topics. The crowd was asked multiple times throughout the debate to hold their applause but the rule was not respected by anyone.

The opening statements from the candidates helped cement what the two were bringing to the table. Jeff Van Drew’s opening statement was about the future of America and how he honestly believed the news has turned America into a reality show. “I believe in the way that I work, in the beliefs that I have, I'm going to have the ability to bring us together, to work hard, to make sure that Republicans and Democrats, together, ensure a better future for South Jersey, New Jersey, and the United States of America.” The flares of Obama-era politics rang very true to those who were already invested in their candidate Van Drew.

Candidate Seth Grossman stood true to his colors, the red, white and blue, with his opening statement. From the red corner, our Republican candidate hailed allegiance to President Donald Trump, and swore to expose and “clean the swamp,” where the Democrats use fake media to defame President Trump and his administration. “I support President Trump to keep good-paying, full-time jobs, and full employment here in America. That's why I support the Trump tax cuts, trade deals, and the ending of Obama's war on American business. I will vote to equally and impartial enforce our immigration laws, to build the wall and punish, not reward sanctuary cities and states.

The audience was silent and the air felt thin, while each candidate was eager to establish why they were the better candidate. Questions of how to stimulate job growth in South Jersey and immigration laws helped everyone in the room see these two as the embodiment of the 2016 Presidential Election.

Van Drew pleaded for togetherness, rebuilding, and maintaining law and order, which Grossman countered with accusations about how the Democrat and his party has mishandled money and their political powers. Grossman declares, “The idea that that people who are here illegally have some sort of right to stay here, to get driver's licenses, to be included in the census, as Mr. Van Drew voted for so sanctuary cities get more money and more representation; that's as ridiculous is saying that somebody who robs a bank can keep the money if they make it off the bank parking lot, and then they get the free food and everything else.” These remarks, the clear logic, and unapologetic delivery prompted applause, quickly putting Van Drew on the defensive.

Every question was a roller coaster ride as each candidate deployed logic or used emotion to appeal to their audiences, and retorted with allegations accusing each other of wrong-doing. The event no doubt impacted the small South Jersey ecosystem of Stockton and the Atlantic County. Only time will tell who will win on Nov 6 and represent South Jersey in the 2nd Congressional District.

Emergency Nurses Week at Atlanticare Regional Medical Center

Emergency Nurses Week
By Shayonne Ray

On Monday October 8 Atlanticare Regional Medical Center kicked off Emergency Room Nurses week. During this time, they acknowledge the hard work and specialty care of all emergency nurses. Celebrations began at noon with free lunch from a drug representative from a pharmaceutical company. It has been a tradition to honor the ER nurses every year, and this one was no different. The ever so hard working staff patiently waited as each surprise in their honor made its way to them throughout the day and the week.

Tuesday mid-afternoon, the higher ups in the company pleasantly surprised the nurses with appreciation pens and took pictures of them participating in bedside care; they wanted to have visuals for other departments of the excellent care that they give. Another drug representative K. Centra, joined the fun and provided lunch and an in-service as well. During this time the manager of the ER also complemented the nurses and shared some of her own favorite memories with the department. She also shared patients feedback of positive visits that praised the employees.

Wednesday, and Thursday were filled with games for the staff to join in, there was a small party in the ED break room where guests could dig into a variety of sweets and treats. Deborah Cassinelli, ER charge nurse, who has worked for the company for 10 years, is known as an ER "superhero" as stated by her fellow employees Cassinelli spoke about the importance of the ER nurses and how they are an essential part to the department. In her own words she stated, "The emergency nurse is the first person you see when you come into an ER. When you are sick and helpless it is that nurse that directs your care and is the decision maker on what medical paths to take. It is crucial for them to be fully skilled and trained to provide the best care for the best outcome of the patient."

Friday, the last day of festivities the staff was treated to ice cream in the Ed conference room. The nurses were able to build their own sundaes and they were over joyed. There were two carts filled with pints of ice cream flavors, and toppings such as sprinkles, Oreo cookies, chocolate chip and more. At this event the nurse manger also gave out awards honoring staff that goes above and beyond their work requirements. The cool thing about this award ceremony was that the votes came from their peers and it showed how much they appreciated each other.

Emergency Nurse's week was an overall success. This week validated the efforts of the ER nurses and recognized the compassionate care they provide on a daily basis. The week corroborated the many stories of nurses going to extreme measures to give quality care to patients and assurance to family members. This week was little to show how much Atlanticare values their ER nurses but according to staff they felt treasured and most of all they were grateful.

Juggling and Circus Club at Stockton

Above is Aimee Balint, creator and head (Overlord) of the Juggling and Circus Club at an Open Juggle demonstrating her abilities with juggling pins.

Juggling and Circus Club at Stockton
By Cole Moore

“A good portion of the members in the club don’t know how to juggle, but all you have to do is show up Monday and Wednesday from 4-6, we meet in the D/C Wing Atrium.”

Aimee Balint created the Juggling and Circus Club during her freshman year at Stockton University in order to make more friends. Her love for juggling and circus activities was her way to draw in other students by mesmerizing them with her visual talents. No matter what skill level you are, everyone is welcome to join the club if they are willing to learn a new skill.

“I started the club in hopes to make more friends but ended up being very lonely the first two semesters, but that’s okay because now I have friends.”

Balint is referring to her now group of students (or friends) who make up the Juggling and Circus Club, each person at differing levels of skill and interest in different acts. But what are the other acts that fall under the “Circus” part of Balint’s club?

“Juggling and manipulation: devil sticks/fire sticks, Chinese yoyos, partner acrobatics, contortion, we do slackline when it’s nicer outside and basically anything can fall under the category ‘circus arts’ if you try. We also have clowning and miming which are very typical to busking or street performing.”

Along with her Vice President Tina Notaro, Balint is the main teacher of juggling and the other acts in the club and she encourages anybody with an interest in anything they think relates to “circus arts” to join her club and improve their skills.

On top of juggling, another main act of the juggling and circus acts club is stilt walking, strapping on two artificial legs that make you tower over any normal sized person. As long as you’re not afraid of heights stilt walking is highly encouraged by the members of the club.

And it’s not just practicing in the C/D wing Atrium. The juggling and circus arts club also performs at many different events working with other clubs here at Stockton.

“We have done several performances and usually we team up with other clubs and organizations. We’ve done Phoenix Night Market for two years. We’ve also done the Stockton performing arts talent show and we won first place! This is the first semester we are doing our own event and also we’re going to do an event with physics club, potentially creator’s club, and Theater Club.”

So if you’re not busy Monday and Wednesday from four to six, come check out the juggling and circus arts club!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Congressional Candidates Critique Stockton's Leadership

Seth Grossman and Jeff Van Drew debate in Stockton’s theatre room.

Congressional Candidates Critique Stockton School
By Ryan Kennedy

Stockton University -- On October 10th, Stockton University held the Congressional District 2 debate which featured Republican Seth Grossman, and Democratic candidate Jeff Van Drew. The two candidates were invited to debate in front of Stockton’s students, faculty, and to anyone else watching live through multiple different broadcasts in the Campus Center Theater.

What seemed to be a simple debate suddenly turned shocking when Independent candidate Anthony Parisi Sanchez entered one of the broadcasting rooms and spoke to those within the room about his disgust with the Stockton president and other members of the faculty. 

“There should be 6 people on that stage debating right now, but the corruption from your president only allows for those two, and we know damn well that he is in full support of Jeff Van Drew” said Sanchez during his speech. Sanchez then went around to each and every person willing to talk to him, giving them business cards and describing his personal belief that Stockton President Dr. Harvey Kesselman has the intent to “brainwash” the students at Stockton to swing for a Democratic president. 

Shortly after, the actual debate began and to the surprise of many, Republican Seth Grossman also brought up the fact that the staff at Stockton is to blame for the rise of Democratic voters because of the bias that the school has. 

“When was the last time you had a conservative history teacher? Or a conservative sciences teacher? Or a conservative literature teacher? If not, then there is not a balanced education, which results in students to be programmed into radical Democrats. Radical Democrats are going around and assaulting people for their political opinions! I am very disappointed in the questions asked from the students, where were the questions about the sanctuary cities in the United States acting very similar to the Confederate States during the American Civil war, illegal immigration, or how about when the FBI used tactics that were illegal during their investigations?” said Grossman in his final statement.

It was the last sentence that created a minor uproar within the audience. “I think that is Stockton really needs a change of leadership” said Grossman. 

Immediately, the crowd went from silence to a mixture of applause and appalled faces. Both of these candidates had something to say about Stockton, and it certainly created a conversation. 

Stockton student Robert Niemeyer stated “That was a lot more intense than I really thought it would be. I didn’t know enough information about either of the candidates and I am glad I went to this.” 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Live-streamed Congressional Debate Attracted Uninvited Candidates to Stockton's Campus

A view from Stockton's event center where the debate was live streamed to hundreds of overflow attendees.
Crazy for Congress
Kayla Castelli

On Wednesday, October 10, Stockton University hosted the livestreamed 2018 New Jersey 2nd Congressional District Debate between democratic candidate Jeff Van Drew and republican candidate Seth Grossman. Photograph of the livestream view of the debate

Due to overpopulation of attendees, students, staff, and neighborhood locals were directed into the university’s event room to livestream the debate along with many others on Channel WACP 4 and on websites of the Hughes Center and the press of Atlantic City. Stockton University’s President Harvey Kesselman adds that it is the “first Youth Center event to ever to be brought broadcast live on television. We are also live-streaming the debate on several websites.”

Some attendees were introduced to another candidate for the election who was not invited to Stockton University for the debate. Anthony Parisi Sanchez was one of four independent candidates who was not invited to debate against the republican and democrat candidates. Sanchez handed out his card to many of the audience members and made a lasting impression to “always question authority.”

Questions asked at the debate included those of which that came from Stockton’s students, faculty, and general public. These questions included topics that ranged from illegal immigrants, to national debt, and many more in between. Not once, but twice, moderator Mike Klein almost cut Seth Grossman’s 30 second response. Also, Jeff Van Drew went over his 30 second time slot multiple times and repeatedly was asked to stop speaking passed the time limit.

According to Grossman, the United States’ debt is 10 times the amount of its income. He believes “you can’t sustain that [...] we have to face up to this sooner or later and there are no easy answers, we have to talk about it.” On the other hand, Jeff Van Drew counters this by saying “We need to deal with that issue, it is a serious issue and that’s why we need like-minded people to come together [...] that want to come up with real answers [...] you know what the answer is not, it’s not to hurt people and it’s not to hurt senior citizens and I will not support hurting social security and medicare…”

The last statements of both candidates contrasted vastly. Jeff Van Drew states how he “want[s] to be your congressman. [he] want[s] to be a really really really good congressman. [He] want[s] to be a congressman you’re proud of regardless of where you come from, who you are…” Seth Grossman ends with a final note declaring his “disappointment that none of the Stockton students asked any questions about the danger of having open borders [...] worried about politicizing everything in America from fake impeachment charges based on no evidence whatsoever [...] I’m surprised that the students are not concerned about these things. I’m hoping that maybe Stockton University with some new leadership will have diversity…” Both of the candidates and audience were appreciated for coming out and attending the debate.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Can Corn Really Be That Scary?

This sign is the first thing seen while in line to purchase a ticket

Terrifying Corn Maze at 
R and J Farm
By Amie Moore

Rumor has it that years ago, a farmer from Egg Harbor Township was never seen again after he went into his cornfield to harvest. Since then, R and J Farm features terrifying mazes, a horror movie projected on the side of a building, a haunted hayride with your worst nightmares, and many more.

As Halloween rounds the corner, many places hold scary events. But if you’re a Stockton student, the Cornfields of Terror are the place to go. Only ten minutes from Stockton University, you and a group of friends can have the scare of your life as the atmosphere gets ready for Halloween. And even if you don’t have the courage to go through the scary maze, there is a different one where there are no jump scares, no monsters, and no reason to be scared. But who really wants to miss out on an adventure you will never forget?

From werewolves howling in the moonlight to Freddie Kroeger with his symbolic chainsaw, this night will have you trembling with fear as you take the stroll through corn fields in the dark. But as student Sierra Brown claims, “It’s all fun and games until the chainsaw.”

From previous experience, a group of friends including the writer were screaming until their throats were sore. We arrived at the Fields at around 8:45pm and left at around 11:30pm. As a group, we traveled through the non-scary corn maze first, getting lost and even a little scared along the way.

After part one of the night was completed, we moved onto the next challenge,
the haunted hayride. While it was less than five minutes long, monsters and scary creatures jumping on board made the ride feel like hours. They were behind us, in front of us, one had a chainsaw and pretended to cut off my friend’s feet sitting right next to me. As she says, “I almost strangled the guy with the chainsaw.” We got dropped off at the next corn maze, the real scary part of the night.

Traveling in a conga line was my group and I as we were jumping at every move we heard from the corn fields. The journey was twenty minutes long! Imagine living your own nightmare for twenty minutes straight with people lit on fire and living skeletons following your every move. My friend Grace said upon the night, “Great atmosphere but heavy on the strobe lights.” And boy was she right, there were eye-level strobe lights at almost every turn you made.

When we saw light, we realized it was the end of the hell we just walked through. We ran out of the maze like we were being chased by murderers. Oh wait…

Overall, the night was one to remember. It is highly recommended by many, especially students at Stockton considering its close distance. You should definitely consider stopping by the Cornfields of Terror and from my friends and I, enjoy the scare of your life.

When will Carluccio's Pizza open again?

Carluccio's in its current state
Carluccio's out of order sign

Carluccio’s Strange Hiatus
By Thomas Taylor

Towards the beginning of this school year, many Atlantic City campus goers enjoyed dining at Carluccio’s pizza. Suddenly, Carluccio’s closed down just three weeks into the school year leaving many students with questions centering around its abrupt closing. But, to some the closing wasn’t so shocking. Student and former Carluccio’s employee Kyle Buckberg said, “It doesn’t surprise me at all. I used to work there.” Carluccio’s only to students’ questions responded with a sign that spawned more questions than before.

It stated that Carluccio’s closed due to operational equipment being out of order, but did not give an projected date of reopening or exactly what equipment was out of order. But, Carluccio’s might be back sooner than most people would think.

Carluccio’s was closed because of a problem with ventilation for their pizza oven, according to XXXX. Pizza oven ventilation problems could have potentially put both customers and employees at risk of smoke inhalation.

Authory DXXXX Allen writes in Restaurant Ventilation: Best Practices “Having proper ventilation for your restaurant is imperative for employee and customer health as well as food sanitation. Improper ventilation can result in safety violations, higher utility bills, decreased employee productivity, and even flaring tempers from customers as well as employees. It can also result in loss of traffic due to unpleasant odors or uncomfortable conditions.”

Luckily Carluccio’s is close to fixing the ventilation problem so that Stockton students can all breathe easy and enjoy pizza. Carlo, the founder of Carluccio’s, has just recently contacted the manager of Stockton Dining in Atlantic City and said that Carluccio’s is projected to reopen around October, twenty second. A faculty member who chose not to give her name has said about the matter, “Now that you’ve had the best, and unfortunately because of circumstances beyond our control, you can now try the rest, but we promise that you’ll be back.”