Wednesday, December 5, 2018

pros and cons of being a stockton student

Pros and Cons of Being A Stockton Student
By: Shawn Cella

Photo of Stockton University by Shawn Cella

When deciding what college I wanted to attend, there were many different variables that I had to take into consideration. These included but were not limited to campus environment, distance from home, tuition cost, and majors offered. Now that I am almost done with my first semester of my sophomore year, I am going to be completely honest about the pros and cons of attending Stockton University.
First, let’s talking about the campus. A main factor in me choosing Stockton over all the other colleges I visited was the feel of the Galloway campus. I loved how it felt so private located in the middle of the woods. The academic buildings are in walking distance of the housing which meant you did not have to take a bus like bigger schools such as Rutgers make you do. There is no denying that Stockton has a lot of qualities that most schools cannot offer, such as a giant lake right on campus and free campus parking. Unfortunately for not only me but a lot of sophomore students, there was no housing available at the Galloway campus. Although everything is new and fresh in the new Atlantic City campus, it is almost the exact opposite of what made me attend Stockton. Apparently not providing on campus housing for sophomores has been an issue Stockton has had for years now, and I felt misinformed that this was never brought to my attention until it was too late.
One thing I could say is an easy pro for me about Stockton are the professors. Almost every professor I’ve had has gone the extra mile to ensure that I do as well as I could. Not only do they reply to my emails within twenty-four hours, but they take questions during class, have office hours for extra help, and usually will never hesitate to assist you if you require extra help. Sometimes I feel like I am still in high school because of how caring the professors are to their students.
Nothing is more stressful to me then class selection day. Especially as a freshman, you feel like you are choosing classes that not only you are not really interested in, but you do not necessarily need. My biggest complaint about Stockton is that they want to be a small school while making the money of a big school. By this I mean they let too many incoming freshman and transfer students attend. This creates a shortage of living and classes, while the current students suffer.
I am very happy that I picked Stockton University to receive my college education. There are pros and cons to this university, but hopefully as the school expands they will be able to fix these issues by simply building more housing on campus or by adding more classes. I hope that Stockton never loses touch of their identify and remember that people come here because of their beautiful Galloway campus.

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