Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Brigantine City receives $1.4M for stormwater pumps

Great Grant for Nice Pumps. While improving the addressing of flooding here, it will also not alleviate tainted overflow at the ACUA end. Per the Society Of Civil Engineers, natural solutions must be employed. On site pervious surface increase will allow direct drain back into the aquifer, while saving $ short & long term. -George Loza PA/NJRA, ASFPM Certified Floodplain Manager

BRIGANTINE– City Manager Ed Stinson told council at its Wednesday, May 20 meeting that Brigantine will be one of the first New Jersey towns to receive more than $1 million in federal funding to improve local storm resiliency through a grant program administered by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.
A $1.379 million grant will completely fund three new pumping stations at Hackney Place, Lighthouse Circle and 34th Street and Jenkins Parkway to help the city combat flooding as the result of storms.
Council quickly moved through its agenda, approving four ordinances and a number of resolutions.
All of the ordinances were up for second and final readings, and were adopted with little comment from the public.
The first two dealt with appropriating funding for the Brigantine school district. One approved bonding $3,817,609 for school improvements. The other appropriated “certain unexpected proceeds of the sale of previously issued bonds and notes to finance the cost of additional capital improvements” totaling $1,242,724.84.
Councilman Rick DeLucry voted “no” on both ordinances, saying he was uncomfortable with the lack of detail. He also questioned the second ordinance, saying some of the previous bonds were from 1993 - “Twenty two year old bonds?”
He cast the only “no” votes. The second two ordinances passed unanimously.
Council approved an ordinance amending the Residential Development Fee Ordinance, waiving the fees on affordable housing projects in cases of fire, flood or other natural disasters.
A contract $172,123.75 was awarded to L. Feriozzi Concrete Co. for improvements to 8th Street South. It was lowest of six bids received. Part of the cost will be paid by a Community Development Block Grant.
A grant agreement was approved for the city to obtain $125,000 to fund “coastal protection along Brigantine Boulevard.” Council also authorized the city’s obligation of a 50 percent matching payment.
It has been months since a motorist ran into the 14th Street stairs of the Brigantine library resulting in the entrance being closed. Council awarded a contract to Aliano Brothers of Vineland for its low bid of $115,200 and an additional cost of $1,330 for tread units. The accident is probably covered by insurance.
The engineering firm of Remington, Vernick & Walberg was approved for a contract to perform engineering services for a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant for seven street-end bulkheads. Their fee will be $33,900.
City Council’s next meeting is scheduled 9 a.m. Saturday, June 6. The Saturday meeting was scheduled as one of two meeting that would allow second home owners concerns be heard. The meeting agenda and supporting documents will be available online

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