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Printer Points Scandal at Stockton

The Printer Point Scandal at Stockton
By: Dominic Verrichia

Every Stockton student receives a set number of printer points every semester. For undergraduate students, that number is 1600. Graduate students are allotted 2000 points. One printer point is equivalent to a one-sided printed page of black and white paper.
All Lab computers are defaulted to print double sided in efforts to save paper. In this case, one sheet of paper counts as two printer points.
Each student is also granted a one-time quota of 20 color printed pages at the beginning of their first semester at Stockton. Additional pages can be purchased for $5 in increments of 50 pages.

Color printer points do not reset every semester unlike black and white printer points. This leaves many students with zero color printer points very early. Some wonder why the black and white print quotas are so much higher than color print quotas.
Many students never come close to the black and white print quota every semester. However, the color print quota runs out almost immediately for most students.
Every student pays for printing in their tuition, so those who do not use all of their printer points are selling themselves short of paper that they paid for in the beginning of the semester. Many students are paying for printer points that are never used.
The number 1600 seems astronomical to most students who usually only print between 100 and 200 pages a semester. It brings up questions about what would happen if every student exhausted all of their printer points in a semester.
Stockton’s undergraduate population is 8,275. Each of those students are allotted 1600 pages which adds up to over 13 million pages of paper. If every student used up their print quota, it is clear the school will likely have a problem as they do not have 13 million sheets of paper on hand with enough ink to print on every sheet.
The numbers may sound alarming, but many students do not come close to 1600 pages. It is assumed that the Technology department does not expect many students to use all of their points.
The numbers may be that high so students will never have to worry about running out, while also preventing students from getting carried away. If they simply gave unlimited printing privilege to all students, the amount of unnecessary printing would increase significantly.
The reason behind such high print quotas remains unknown, but the Information Technology Services (ITS) Department located in D-127 may have more information on the topic.

pros and cons of being a stockton student

Pros and Cons of Being A Stockton Student
By: Shawn Cella

Photo of Stockton University by Shawn Cella

When deciding what college I wanted to attend, there were many different variables that I had to take into consideration. These included but were not limited to campus environment, distance from home, tuition cost, and majors offered. Now that I am almost done with my first semester of my sophomore year, I am going to be completely honest about the pros and cons of attending Stockton University.
First, let’s talking about the campus. A main factor in me choosing Stockton over all the other colleges I visited was the feel of the Galloway campus. I loved how it felt so private located in the middle of the woods. The academic buildings are in walking distance of the housing which meant you did not have to take a bus like bigger schools such as Rutgers make you do. There is no denying that Stockton has a lot of qualities that most schools cannot offer, such as a giant lake right on campus and free campus parking. Unfortunately for not only me but a lot of sophomore students, there was no housing available at the Galloway campus. Although everything is new and fresh in the new Atlantic City campus, it is almost the exact opposite of what made me attend Stockton. Apparently not providing on campus housing for sophomores has been an issue Stockton has had for years now, and I felt misinformed that this was never brought to my attention until it was too late.
One thing I could say is an easy pro for me about Stockton are the professors. Almost every professor I’ve had has gone the extra mile to ensure that I do as well as I could. Not only do they reply to my emails within twenty-four hours, but they take questions during class, have office hours for extra help, and usually will never hesitate to assist you if you require extra help. Sometimes I feel like I am still in high school because of how caring the professors are to their students.
Nothing is more stressful to me then class selection day. Especially as a freshman, you feel like you are choosing classes that not only you are not really interested in, but you do not necessarily need. My biggest complaint about Stockton is that they want to be a small school while making the money of a big school. By this I mean they let too many incoming freshman and transfer students attend. This creates a shortage of living and classes, while the current students suffer.
I am very happy that I picked Stockton University to receive my college education. There are pros and cons to this university, but hopefully as the school expands they will be able to fix these issues by simply building more housing on campus or by adding more classes. I hope that Stockton never loses touch of their identify and remember that people come here because of their beautiful Galloway campus.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs: A Return to the West By Thomas Taylor

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs: A Return to the West
By Thomas Taylor

     Interest in the time period of the wild west has not been as prevalent as it was in the sixties and seventies, but we might be seeing a resurrection of the western genre in the media. Between the hyped release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs: A Return to the West, it’s evident that here is still interest in classic stories about cowboys and tumbleweeds. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs represents this perfectly by showing several different stories of life in the wild west. This Netflix original movie is an anthology film that is broken up into different chapters of one big book. A central theme in the movie is survival setting the precedent in the first story that any character can die. This theme can also be seen in each character’s motivation. Even the titular Buster Scruggs’ motivation is to prove that he can survive any gun duel that he is challenged to. One of the best albeit one of the slowest short stories is the final story that shows where people go when they don’t survive the perils of the frontier. This movie shows not only the dangers, but also the untamed beauty of the western frontier through it’s vast deserts, scorching prairies, and lush forests. The dialogue was as good as any other Coen Brothers movie in that it is exceptional, but sometimes causes the movie to drag. The cast has such notable actors as: James Franco, Tim Blake Nelson, Liam Neeson, and Clancy Brown. Each turn out an incredibly believable performance as their characters. Each story conveys a different mood which could be jarring to some viewers. Some shorts are cartoonish while others are melancholic, but each short was so good that I didn’t even notice the inconsistency until hours after I finished the film. Buster Scruggs proves that there are more stories to tell from the wild west.

Fire frill at AC residemce

Fire Drill at A.C. Residence
By: Moira Solano

The outside view from the Atlantic City Campus.
45 Minute Fire Drill: Real or Fake?
Atlantic City, N.J. --- On Friday, November 30, 2018 at about 6:25 p.m., another fire drill took place at the Atlantic City Campus Residential Complex. These drills have caused a lot of frustration for the students who live here since the beginning of the school year, but was it just a drill or an actual emergency?
As stated, these alarms have caused inconveniences and eye rolls by many of the students living at the Atlantic City Residence. Due to the flaws of the fire alarms that have caused people to think there was a rush to get the building up and running.
The slightest amount of heat that would be detected by the alarms was a huge issue in the very beginning. Even just the steam that came from an average shower could set off the alarms, and did on a few occasions.
There was also a lot of frustration about the number of fire drills that would happen within one day. It was kind of ridiculous to be honest. Nobody ever knew they were going to occur, and nobody was ever prepared for them because of the random trend that they had.
The day before school started and everyone was still adapting to the area, there were about one or two that happened, but these were set off at times that weren’t so bad. The weather was nice at least and the sun was out.
However, there was one that happened in the middle of the night, I would say a little after one in the morning. Most students, me included in that group, had 8:30 classes that morning, so you can only imagine how cranky that made everybody, regardless of having an early class or not. It interrupted everyone’s sleep schedules that are already not the best.
There was at least one incident that caused an emergency. This was due to cooking where not much attention was paid to watching the stove. A slight buildup of smoke was in the hallways. The fire department was informed and sent to the scene.
A mass email was sent informing students about the incident, how important it is to keep a close eye on your food, and to always be safe. Emails were also sent prior about apologizing, the inconvenience, and that they are working towards fixing them.
I wasn’t there on Friday during the recent fire drill, but I was informed about it from my roommates. The fact that a drill happened randomly didn’t surprise me, but what did was that it lasted 45 minutes. My roommate, Allie, said, “45 minutes is absurd if it was just a drill since it was cold and rainy.” She also said that they still had to stand out there regardless, risking getting sick.
She said, “So I’m thinking it was real. But in that case I think they should send us an email or something letting us know what happened.”


Sweet Tooth Day: Winter Theme

Sweet Tooth Day: Winter Theme 
By: Alexander Bluze
Image of scene in “Dr.Seuss's: How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.
Pick up FREE holiday treats on December 11th, Sweet Tooth Day, in the Campus Center between 2pm and 4pm before you leave for winter break! Put your feet up by the
Campus Center fireplace and chow down on candy and other delicious free sweets. You can RSVP to the event on “Martha May Whovier will be there.” If you don’t understand that joke, then you have probably never seen “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. It is a great movie to watch while munching on some delicious sweets to celebrate Sweet Tooth Day.

Stockton Vs Kean and the Cadillac Club Suites

Stockton Vs Kean and the Cadillac Club Suites
By: Ryan Kennedy

Steve Ferebee, #10

Atlantic City -- On Friday, December 14th Stockton’s men's basketball team is playing at Boardwalk Hall against Kean University. At 7:30 the two teams will face off in Atlantic City and those willing to pay $20 will be able to enjoy the game from the Cadillac Club Suites. The Cadillac Club Suites allow for one to be able to enjoy the game with the included luxury of food and nonalcoholic beverages being offered. Anyone looking for a more enjoyable way to watch the game other than sitting on bleachers could take up this offer and get a new way to enjoy Stockton’s events and games. Stockton University students and staff are permitted entry to the game free of charge, and general admission tickets are $5 for anyone else wishing to view the game. Kean students and senior citizens tickets are only $2, and all tickets will be available for purchase on game day at 2301 Boardwalk, Atlantic City. The game will also be available to watch live via streaming services. If you tune in to the day of the event then you will see that the game is available to watch online for free.
    The men's basketball team has had a great start to their season so far, going 3-1 previously beating teams such as Rutgers Camden, and in the NJAC they are currently 2-0, holding a win streak that may hopefully continue. Players to look out for include Jordan Taylor, who previously scored a team high of 15 points against Rutgers Camden, as well as Freshman player Travis Young from Toms River who recently scored his first double digit game against Rutgers Camden scoring 11 points, a great start to his young career. Brandon Hamilton has been consistent with his layups, also making him a dangerous addition to the team. Overall, the season is looking up for the Ospreys, and hopefully the continuation of their undefeated season can happen with a victory over Ramapo on Saturday, and Kean this Friday.

For a Weekend Retreat Came a Treat

For a Weekend Retreat Came a Treat
By: Keairra Lee

Stockton students boarding the bus to return to Stockton University

Fourteen Stockton students packed up their belongings that they had brought with them and headed to the school bus, signifying that their weekend retreat had come to an end. However, many of the students boarded the bus with new thoughts running through their minds.
On November 16, 2018, Stockton University hosted a retreat that welcomed all students to enjoy a weekend full of fun, food and activities, but mostly to bring students together from different backgrounds with hopes of leaving the retreat feeling as one. The retreat had many different topics and issues that were covered during the sessions, which included race, gender, privilege and more. Like expected, the students went into the sessions with a guard up and and ready for war, preparing themselves for anything that might have been said that they were not going to agree with. The students sat in chairs around a circle, gave their name, who they identified as, and their true thoughts on America’s biggest issues that stop all Americans from coming together as a whole.
Over the next couple of days, students were about to live with strangers they had never seen before, even in passing through the schools campus. Little did any of them know, they would leave the retreat greeting one another like they had known each other since they were five years old. One particular student stood out the most. Emmanuella, a nineteen year old freshman from Africa who has only been in America for six years had many concerns. When asked if she learned anything from the retreat she said in quote, “I had no idea that black Americans were going through racism. In Africa, I am considered a rich black, but in America, black people are considered the poor and the ones in poverty. Clearly racism is only an issue in America.” She then went on to say, “There were alot of stories going around in the circle, people sharing their experiences of how they were chosen for jobs and schools over the phone or internet when applying, but as soon as they showed up for the interview, the interview was never conducted. Since being in America, I would like to say most of the blacks live in a lower income place, and even since I’ve moved to America because my dad is disabled and he wanted the best for us, we always lived in white neighborhoods and went to white schools. I still haven't experienced what blacks who were born in America have experienced. We need to make a change, one for the better!”