Wednesday, April 25, 2018

National Society of Leadership and Success Chapter established at Stockton University

By Michael Heilman

The National Society of Leadership and Success was established in 2001 in Hoboken, NJ. The society is the nation’s largest leadership honors society. The NSLS has over 869,000 members at 596 colleges nationwide. Those invited to join will go through a step by step program to work on their leadership skills through an induction process that once completed will give them the honor of being inducted into the NSLS.

Christina Crenny, who is the student president for the National Society of Leadership and Success chapter at Stockton University, discusses how she heard of the NSLS and how she got involved, “At the end of my sophomore year at Stockton, I realized I had a lot of extra time on my hands. I had transferred from a different university and commuted to school with a part-time job. Last year, I was looking online for internship opportunities or a possible second job and this came up as an internship opportunity. As the intern, you bring the society to a university that doesn’t have one. The society coming to our university has been in the works since last May when I was selected to be the founder. To become inducted, you have to complete the induction steps/events. These include one Orientation, one Leadership Training Day, the viewing of three Speaker Broadcasts and the completion of three Success Networking Team meetings.”

How do student’s get nominated to join NSLS? Crenny says “Being that the National Society of Leadership and Success was brand new to everyone this past semester, we wanted to make sure we could include enough individuals who presented leadership skills or do well in their academics but have it be selective enough as a leadership society. Next semester’s requirements will change, but this year we decided to invite sophomores and juniors with a GPA of 3.2 or higher.”

Joining the NSLS has many benefits for both the pre-inducted and inducted member. Those benefits include access to society scholarships and awards, a job bank from employers that seek to hire society members, resume enhancer, customized recommendation letter, leadership training certificate, access to broadcast and interviews from speakers whose inspirational stories and career advice are invaluable. Once inducted you will also receive a kit of items from the society such as the leadership certificate, society t-shirt, car decal, and society insignia pin.

With all of these advantages offered to students, some students may still not be convinced that the NSLS will benefit them, Crenny, having gone through the society herself says “I believe the NSLS will benefit future careers in that you receive many benefits as both a pre-inducted member or inducted member. You also gain a lot of skills and leadership experiences through going through the steps to induction. Through going through the steps to induction myself, I have learned a lot about myself as a leader and skills that help me at work and with my relationships with others. The skills and experience you learn through the society can only help benefit you as a powerful leader and as a well-qualified employee for your future career. For example, on Leadership Training Day, we learned about how we can work with others with different leadership personalities, while also evaluating our own, from a DISC assessment.”

During this semesters induction, the three broadcast speakers were Thaddeus Ballard from the WWE better known as Titus O’Neill, Kathryn Minshew founder of The Muse, and Scott Hamilton Olympic Gold Medalist in Figure Skating who told their stories and gave encouraging speeches.

The National Society of Leadership and Success held its inaugural ceremony on April 22nd with those inducted receiving their certificates, t-shirts, and pins. Good luck to all the newly inducted. To find out more about the National Society of Leadership and Success visit

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