Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Stockton’s Lake Pam Has Criminally Underutilized Trails

by Dominick Tarangelo

Stockton University is built on a 1600-acre plot on land in the middle of the Pinelands National Reserve, in Galloway Township, New Jersey. 

Stockton has many miles of trails located throughout the campus. Recently, one reporter went walking with a couple friends on the trials on the west side of campus. Most students know of the trails around Lake Fred, but do they know about the ones to Lake Pam? 

Located to the east of Vera King Farris Drive, Lake Pam is right next to the New Jersey Parkway Southbound lanes. Stockton University keeps the trials in immaculate condition. When the reporter recently went to visit, it was only a couple days after the Nor'easter hit, and there were broken branches all around the campus. When they later went to visit the Lake, there were no branches blocking in sight. 

However, if you are looking for a map of the trails, it is near impossible. There is no new map on the website that this reporter could find. The best map to be found is from 2011, and only has the trails outlined on the east side of campus leading to Lake Pam. As this reporter was walking the trails, they ran into a fellow student and asked him if he knew where they could get a map of the trails; all he said was “If you find one let me know,” and continued on his run. 

Despite those downsides, the one outstanding part about these trails are the signage. There are signs on all the trails, letting you know what path you’re taking, and also what wildlife you could possibly see on that specific trail. 

Hopefully, once the weather gets warmer, the university will advertise the trails, and anyone can go for walk around the campus and explore new places. Since we are located in a National Reserve please be aware for wildlife and pick up any trash that you see to keep the trails to keep Lake Pam staying beautiful.

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