Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Stockton’s Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority Hosts Tea for Two

Written by: Jake Levitz

Tuesday, April 10th at 8pm, Stockton University's chapter of Mu Sigma Upsilon hosted its first ever tea party. This event was part of their community communication initiative in order to host a free event that the whole school could attend. They call it Tea for 2, an opportunity for students to connect and get to know a stranger and create new friends and bonds with their fellow students. The president of the chapter, Kelly Sounthavong, said the event was “something for the school and not just the sorority… a way for us to mingle and get to know everybody,” the sisters of Mu Sigma Upsilon wanted to create an more intimate opportunity for dialogue between them and their fellow students.

President Sounthavong was encouraging about the influence this event might have on other greek organizations, she hopes that it will create a platform for groups to get together and share a dialogue to possibly create more free events that are not just mandatory, so that people can get together and just simply talk. Being a smaller sorority, the sisters of Mu Sigma Upsilon wanted to engage with the Stockton community

Mu Sigma Upsilon encourages all students and members of the community to participate in their relationship building event. Tea for 2 is described by the sorority as “an opportunity to engage with students from all areas of the schools campus life,” describing it as, “speed dating but for friendship.” The sisters of the sorority always enjoy being able to participate within the community especially in the Stockton community which is an opportunity to build with their sisters as a whole in a team building experience. Being a smaller sorority creates an introverted environment so by participating in events such as this helps. President Sounthavong says, “Expand on greek unity together and expand on our other connections besides greek life.” By coming to the sorority, Southavong says, “ I just met this stranger, but I feel safe with them. I just spilled some of my secrets with them but I’m ok with that. I'm in a safe space right now to be myself.”

The sisters of Mu Sigma Upsilon hope to participate in more Stockton community based events in order to further engage relationship building development. Other events planned for the sorority include educational based events and many future philanthropic planned functions. The sisters hope to promote more free thinking functions in the future.

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