Monday, April 23, 2018

Stockton Off-Campus Shuttle Service

By: Zahirah Pearsall

Stockton's shuttle services are a hot topic for debate among students, staff, and faculty. Hours could be spent arguing about the slowness or the reliability of the shuttles or how they never show up at the times listed on the shuttle service phone app. However, a bigger issue is being missed in this ongoing discussion; should Stockton offer an off-campus shuttle service?

With Stockton opening the doors to the new Atlantic City Campus, the university is offering students transportation to and from the Galloway location to the shore location, but why has there been no shuttle service to other off site locations? Surely, with other beautiful and renovated locations such as Manahawkin and Hammonton, a bus schedule to accommodate students living on campus can be arranged? Many students would like to take advantage of the classes offered offsite without having to worry about forking out a ton of money on gas to get to and from the locations.

Another Off-Campus Service location could be popular places such as Shoprite or the Hamilton Mall. While Stockton does offer several locations where students can go and get hot meals or stock up on non-perishables for the times when everything is closed. Nothing will beat a trip to a full sized super market. "I have my car on campus, but it would still be nice to have the option of not having to use it," Matthew Treadwell, a student, stated, "I'm a typical broke college student, so saving money where I can is always nice."

It is no secret that Stockton is trying its absolute hardest to bring in more students while at the same time retaining the ones that it has. However, fancy new buildings and beach front locations should not be the only way of thinking when it comes to appeasing the current and future students. Having more transportation options is a start on the road to a happier Stockton community.

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