Sunday, April 1, 2018

Stockton prepares to launch first Thrift Store

By Timothy L. Shanahan

In the Lakeside residential area, parallel to D-court lies shed 31, Stockton Universities’ first trading post. The grand opening to residential students will take place on March 29th at 9am – 1pm. The Trading Post will be selling a variety of goods that will assist students on campus, namely tools, clothes, and even various camping equipment for the students that can’t afford such materials. The cost of these items will be very affordable for college students and prices are said to compare to those of a thrift store. Students can also bring their old clothes and exchange them for clothes in the post. This new store is run by a Katlin Clark, Who started to set up this store with her staff on January of this year for the purpose of reducing waste on campus as well as recycle unused tools and clothes that get unused and left behind in campus dorms when students leave, and use them to help new students that have a rough time adjusting to the costly needs of college.

The staff consists of Katlin Clark as the store manager, as well as her three staff members Richard Feather, Anthony Featherman, and Sidney Hunter. All of which are taking turns to clean up, inventory management, and register. There is plenty of room for this staff to grow as the donations grow more and more each day. They are currently accepting donations in hopes of expanding their inventory. Since establishing The Trading Post, they have been receiving stacks of donated clothes and would appreciate it if other items were donated as well with the goal of having various college necessities at a low cost. So grab all of your unwanted items and line up on March 29th, remember, another man's trash is another man's treasure.

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