Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Nutritionist At Stockton

By: Dominick Tarangelo

There are a ton of useful people at Stockton that students do not take full advantage of. One person that I recently found out about is nutritionist, Kim Raring. She is a registered nutritionist with over twenty five years of experience. She enjoys working with students and has a positive and simple approach when it comes to creating a healthier nutrition lifestyle. I recently
met up with her to discuss my personal weight loss.

She was super helpful and was able to guide me in the right direction. She was able to inform me how many vegetables, grains, and meats I need. I was very surprised by many of the things she informed me of, as I thought the complete opposite. She was very open and told me to not be afraid to email her over the summer to ask her any questions that I may have. She also told me to come by in the beginning of the upcoming Fall semester, so that she can work with me to create a meal plan that is best for me. She also appointed me in the direction of someone else who would be able to help me create a workout guide, who, I believe, is also an underutilized resource that non athletes can use if they need the help. I was very happy with my meeting with Kim and I am excited to use her teachings to help me lose weight.

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