Wednesday, May 2, 2018

People Helping People: Charity From Your Community Credit Union

by Zahirah Pearsall and Edited by Shannon Joyce

A large phrase across the top of the teller line at the Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union reads, "people helping people." 
This is the motto of the credit union, instilled in their employees from their first day on the job. However, lending a helping hand in finding the best interest rates in town is not where they stop helping the community. This credit union also partners with local charities to raise money for good causes. The goal of the company to help the fellow members of the community.
Recently, the Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union teamed up with Green Creek Bethel United Methodist Church in Cape May County to provide food to hungry children. By selling candy and having “Dress Down Fridays,” children who are not able to receive three meals a day during the summer months will be able to receive help. 
Ashley Gonzalez,  Jersey Shore teller, stated, "It feels good knowing that the money is going towards a good cause. It makes me feel better about buying three bars of candy during the day at work." 
The Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union is located in Northfield, Galloway, and Rio Grande. The company also has locations at the Hamilton Mall and the Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center. 
To donate to this charity, stop by at any of the above-mentioned locations, where an employee can help.  This company needs the community to help with their cause to fight against child hunger.

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