Friday, May 4, 2018

Stockton Student Filmmakers Biggest Challenge Yet

By Luke Miller

Here at Stockton some of the Communications Majors in the Media Production track make their own short films with aspirations of being in the film industry one day. One of those students is junior, Nicholas Georgel, who this semester through his Video Production course has taken on quite the challenge. Throughout the semester in the course you make 3 different projects, and in January Nicholas decided to make 1 film throughout the semester and split it into 3 parts.
Nicholas spoke more about his project “ The project is currently under the temporary name “The Computer Film.” A title has not been decided yet. The film is about an operating system with artificial intelligence, created by the fictional company AE: Artificial E-Telligence. As the computer is being implemented with a learning barrier, the two programmers find the learning barrier didn’t work; the computer wants to learn everything. So the two programmers decide to clean the computer and begin anew. However, the AI preserves itself, and we follow the computer as it falls into the hands of a lawyer who purchases it off-hand. The computer learns what it means to be human, through philosophy and exposure to human experiences.”
Nicholas also said the biggest challenge so far with making it was how he had to split it into three parts while also meeting the classes requirements. The first project was silent film, so Nicholas decided to make the first part when the computer first turns on and begins to learn more, so it is limited to black and white and text only. For the second project the class was tasked with focusing on the use of color and sound. With that Nicholas had the computer “learn” throughout the film so it gained color vision and hearing. Both very creative ways to fit his project into the criteria of the project and fit his own bigger goal. And the conclusion of the project is still being made.
Nicholas said this about why he chose to take this on, and why he chose Stockton to be the middleman of it. “The project was made to fit the curriculum of the video production class; however, I think it ultimately helped the film gain a sense of progression. The computer lab location for the first scene also helped give the feel of a tech company office space.”
Nicholas while taking his other classes took on this challenge and is now working on the 3rd and final part of the project. He plans on finishing it completely and piecing together all of the various parts over the summer. You can check it out and his other videos on YouTube on the channel “Neutral Density Films”.  Nicholas is a very dedicated student, and talented young filmmaker and Stockton should be proud of what he has accomplished thus far.

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