Thursday, May 3, 2018

On Campus Christians Were Going To Protest Spring Concert video

By: Colton Van Cleave

        A protest targeting the LGBTQ video shown during this month's Spring Concert was
supposed to take place before the spring concert began but was quickly shut down.
On campus Christians were set to protest the LGBTQ video that was shown during the Spring Concert this month but was quickly shutdown due to unknown reasons.
        The video shown at the Spring Concert consisted of clips of LGBTQ members and supporters. The video theme was to show support of the LGBTQ community, leaving a standing ovation for those who attended the Spring Concert after the video was shown. Pamphlets were also given out to the attendees before the start of the concert that read: "God Loves LGBTQ People and So Do Christians."
        Although the reasons are unknown exactly why the protest was shutdown, we were able to get small details as to the basis of what went down. The on-campus Christians were getting a petition started for people to join in on the protest, but that petition is now being investigated by the student development board. The reason for the investigation is still unknown, but claims have been made that the signatures on the petition were fake.
        The reason behind the protest of the video that was shared during the spring concert is still unknown, but questions have been raised like: Were signatures from the petition fake, or is the very freedom to protest under attack here on campus?
        Both parties to this topic were asked multiple times to share their insight on what exactly happened, but both did not want to share their insights due to the situation being settled down recently.

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