Sunday, October 21, 2018

Emergency Nurses Week at Atlanticare Regional Medical Center

Emergency Nurses Week
By Shayonne Ray

On Monday October 8 Atlanticare Regional Medical Center kicked off Emergency Room Nurses week. During this time, they acknowledge the hard work and specialty care of all emergency nurses. Celebrations began at noon with free lunch from a drug representative from a pharmaceutical company. It has been a tradition to honor the ER nurses every year, and this one was no different. The ever so hard working staff patiently waited as each surprise in their honor made its way to them throughout the day and the week.

Tuesday mid-afternoon, the higher ups in the company pleasantly surprised the nurses with appreciation pens and took pictures of them participating in bedside care; they wanted to have visuals for other departments of the excellent care that they give. Another drug representative K. Centra, joined the fun and provided lunch and an in-service as well. During this time the manager of the ER also complemented the nurses and shared some of her own favorite memories with the department. She also shared patients feedback of positive visits that praised the employees.

Wednesday, and Thursday were filled with games for the staff to join in, there was a small party in the ED break room where guests could dig into a variety of sweets and treats. Deborah Cassinelli, ER charge nurse, who has worked for the company for 10 years, is known as an ER "superhero" as stated by her fellow employees Cassinelli spoke about the importance of the ER nurses and how they are an essential part to the department. In her own words she stated, "The emergency nurse is the first person you see when you come into an ER. When you are sick and helpless it is that nurse that directs your care and is the decision maker on what medical paths to take. It is crucial for them to be fully skilled and trained to provide the best care for the best outcome of the patient."

Friday, the last day of festivities the staff was treated to ice cream in the Ed conference room. The nurses were able to build their own sundaes and they were over joyed. There were two carts filled with pints of ice cream flavors, and toppings such as sprinkles, Oreo cookies, chocolate chip and more. At this event the nurse manger also gave out awards honoring staff that goes above and beyond their work requirements. The cool thing about this award ceremony was that the votes came from their peers and it showed how much they appreciated each other.

Emergency Nurse's week was an overall success. This week validated the efforts of the ER nurses and recognized the compassionate care they provide on a daily basis. The week corroborated the many stories of nurses going to extreme measures to give quality care to patients and assurance to family members. This week was little to show how much Atlanticare values their ER nurses but according to staff they felt treasured and most of all they were grateful.

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