Saturday, March 24, 2018

International Day of Remembrance: Transatlantic Slave Trade

By Zahirah Pearsall

Stockton University held an event March 20th at the campus center theater that featured a program centered around the horrifying experiences of those Africans ripped from their homes to be sold in the transatlantic slave trade. The program was presented by Dr. Janice Joseph and featured the perspectives of Dr. Kameika Murphy and Dr. Raz Segal. The presentation was offered free and without the need of tickets to the Stockton community as a way of raising awareness of people who have suffered in the past and of those who continue to suffer today because of expulsion and slavery.

The presentation featured clips from HBO's documentary, "Unchained Memories: Readings from the Slave Narratives," where the experiences of slaves are offered with gruesome details. Emotional experiences and physical abuse, as well as day-to-day life for the average slave, are all outlined in the documentary. To enhance the impact that the documentary had on the audience faces and names were given so the viewer could connect with the stories of those who have passed on. Between each of the experiences shown, Dr. Murphy and Dr. Segal gave an in-depth perspective on the circumstances that the slaves had to endure.

The presentation served as an eye opener for those who were not too familiar with the gruesome details of the events of the slave trade. It is one thing to learn and memorize the facts in school, and it is another to see and hear the most detailed accounts of experiences of those who were enslaved. Chelsea Aquino, a student of Dr. Segal, stated, "It was something that made me very uncomfortable. But I guess that was the point, it wasn't meant to be something that was going to make you feel good." The presentation was an open analysis of the working of the transatlantic slave trade, the treatment of the enslaved people, and how it has affected society in its long-term effects.

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