Friday, March 30, 2018

New Campus? More Courses

By Amanda Genovese

Come Fall of 2018, there will be a new campus in Atlantic City, Stockton University is expanding. There are some big changes coming in the Fall and this new campus is one of them, Students of Stockton University who live near the Atlantic City area will have a new change in scenery for their studies. Students who want to take classes here, there are many advantages to doing so. There will be more than one-hundred courses being offered at the Atlantic City Campus. Students who have been heated over parking, this campus will allow more than five-hundred students to have beachfront housing and parking garages, which will soon make the parking issues at the Galloway campus be somewhat resolved.

Students who decide to live in the beachfront apartments on the Atlantic City campus will be able to cook in their apartments or dine in on campus. Atlantic City offers a whole different experience for the average Stockton Student, there will be so much to do inside and outside of campus. There is the Boardwalk, beach, and the casinos if you are twenty-one or over.

The Atlantic City campus will offer a wide-range of courses, internships, service-learning, and engagement. Not only that but if there wasn’t a class offered for your major at the Galloway campus it will probably be at the Atlantic City Campus. Whether you are performing arts major, hospitality major, accounting, the list goes on there will be more selective courses for everyone. “I did not know about a new campus opening, this is great news to me because I live closer to the Atlantic city area so it will make my commute a lot easier and I am happy that the parking situation may be much better now come Fall.” Junior, Alondra Gammara said.

“It was always frustrating for me when I wanted to sign up for a course and I couldn’t because it got easily filled, this will make things a lot easier because there will be more course options.” Freshman, Alaina Rush said. The Atlantic City campus will have courses and new opportunities to offer all of Stockton students. Come Fall 2018, Atlantic City Campus will be making its debut.

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