Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Will There Ever Be a Stockton Football Team?

By Colton Van Cleave and Rishon Bates

It is no question that Stockton was built on the creative minds of those who saw a state college and had the vision of expanding it into the university that we see today. Yet, progression is still looming on the horizon. What is that progression? Is football part of that progression?

The new Athletic Director here at Stockton University, Kevin McHugh, has the responsibility of overseeing all sports here at Stockton; along with those responsibilities is the responsibility of making sure all resources are there for student-athletes, trainers, and coaches. Does that also include being able to think forward for athletics here at Stockton University? Is football part of the question? "I wouldn't count it out. Though, It will always be considered," in the words of Stockton University's Athletic Director. Bringing up part of the reason why Stockton currently does not have a football team is Title 9, which is a federal law that makes schools give both men and women the same opportunities in all aspects of a school. "At Stockton, we are 60% women and 40% men, so we have to match that exactly," said Kevin McHugh. Where we are at now, we are simply just not there. We do not have the financial means to match what a football team would entail, and us being still a university just born and still growing, don’t forget about the Atlantic City expansion as well, Stockton University simply cannot do it.

Operating a football team budget within a university like Stockton, it would cost roughly around "$75,000-$80,000" according to Athletic Director Kevin McHugh. That doesn’t even include other smaller expenses that would go into the team as well. Compared to a Division 1 schools where the expenses to support football programs are roughly around $170M to $120M, considering how big the program is at the time and/or how big the university or college is. Recruiting classes are big as well, and usually, the revenue within a team tends to outset the expenses. Look at a big program like Texas A&M, for example, where their expenses are at $137,101,774 but their program takes in $194,388,450. Their total intake is $57,286,676 and not to mention their growing recruiting class with their recent hire of head coach Jimbo Fisher, there's no doubt they are a program on the rise. Yet, obviously, it is important to remember what is being compared here. Schools who are Division III in the NCAA, the budget for having a football program would be about $1,982,500. Division III athletics provides a well-rounded collegiate experience that involves a balance of rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and the opportunity to pursue the multitude of other co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities offered on Division III campuses.

Although Division III may not be as serious as Division I, athletes still love to compete and give their all to the love of their respected sports. Sure, Stockton has intramural flag football; however, it is not the same as regular football, nor is it considered a Division III sport.

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