Thursday, November 1, 2018

From Michigan to Stockton

By: Cole Moore From Michigan to Stockton

Pictured above is Marc Buller (left) and his friend’s cat Emily (Photo creds Marc Buller)

Stockton University, once Richard Stockton College, is a state school in Southern New Jersey whose students largely represent neighboring towns, cities, and other parts of Northern, Central, and Southern Jersey. However, the student body isn’t just a group of New Jersey natives, for example, freshman Marc Buller was born and raised in Novi, Michigan and current enrolled in Stockton University.

“I chose Stockton because I’m a marine biology major and Stockton has a really good marine biology program, with labs and a nearby ocean, which made me choose this school over other schools.”

For most Stockton students, a close proximity to the beach and ocean is nothing new, but for Marc Buller it served as a pull factor for wanting to be close to a beach in relation to his interest in marine biology.

“My favorite place to be is anywhere with a beach.”

With Stockton’s new campus on Atlantic City and dorms on the boardwalk, accessibility to the beach and ocean could not be easier for students. And Marc isn’t just fond of the beach, he also enjoys being in nature and working on art. Stockton’s picturesque main campus is tucked away with many trees and natural aspects including two lakes that make it perfect for someone artistic like Marc.

“My favorite thing to do is hike and spend time in nature, as well as work on art.”

There are long paths surrounding the lake perfect for walking surrounded by nature on main campus which served as another reason for Marc to come from Michigan. And it’s not just campus, Marc also enjoys the academic aspects of his new school.

“Stockton has a good academic environment and I really enjoy how the classes are taught, as well as the sizes of the classes.”

Thriving a long way from Michigan, Marc has found a great place to study marine biology while enjoying his new home. When asked for future advice to other students he left us with this.

“My advice is to keep working hard on everything because it all plays out in the end.”


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