Thursday, November 1, 2018


Written by: Dominic Verrichia

Students living in Stockton’s new Atlantic City campus may be 25 minutes away from the main campus, but that does not mean they are 25 minutes away from having any fun. There are plenty of things to do just minutes away from the new campus for any type of person both on the weekends and during the week.

Atlantic City is known for its casinos and nightclubs. The Tropicana hotel and casino is just minutes down the road. Here you can find events every weekend, and stand-up comedy every night of the week for $25.

Students looking for a scary time and a beautiful view of the ocean should check out the Absecon Lighthouse.. Just 10 minutes away from campus, and only $8 to climb to the top, this haunted lighthouse is worth checking out especially during halloween. The reportedly haunted lighthouse stands 171 feet tall and is over 160 years old

Around the corner from the lighthouse is the Atlantic City Aquarium open daily 10am-5pm. At the aquarium, visitors are free to touch sharks, stingrays, and a variety of crabs. It costs $10 for admission, but pair it up and make an evening trip to visit both the Aquarium until 5pm and head over to the Lighthouse to see the sunset.

Large groups of friends can check out the escape rooms in the Tropicana. It is strictly an 18+ environment, and considered one of the best, highest quality escape rooms by reviewers. This escape room is geared towards adults; EscapeAC does not play games. Groups are locked in a room behind a steel door. Most cannot solve the puzzle in time. Find a group of friends and check them out.

For those looking for some exercise outside of a regular gym, the Flyers Skate Zone is minutes away and has daily public skating sessions from 12:30 to 2:30. The rink never gets too crowded, so it is a perfect place for both beginners looking to learn how to skate and experienced looking for an open rink to practice. There are Friday and Saturday night sessions from 8-10pm which usually draw a larger crowd.

Contrary to what many believe, the Tanger Outlets do not close during the winter. There are popular shopping outlets down the street from campus including Adidas, Nike, American Eagle, and Calvin Klein to name a few. There are many places to eat, but much of it is outside, so make the Tanger Outlets a Fall day trip before it gets too cold.

If all other plans fail, the Boardwalk is right underneath the residential building. It is always open to take a walk and check out the beach. The Rainforest Cafe is open every day from 11-9pm. There will always be something to do in Atlantic City, even during the winter months.

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