Thursday, November 1, 2018

Meet Me on Mars

Written by: Mia Forbes

Meet Me on Mars
Clammy feet and shaky hands leave Brandon Larmoore thrilled, yet terrified. The flow of adrenaline taking over his veins. His hair stuck to his head from sweat in his helmet. Squirming in his seat. Each breath quickening as beads of sweat drip down his forehead. Little ability to control his excitement and terror. He awaits a life-changing countdown from the station as the anticipation is unbearable. This is how Larmoore envisions he would feel going to one planet- Mars.
The television was booming, and the news was blaring. At ten years old, Larmoore sat amongst his classmates’ inches away from the screen with his eyes glued as the event unfolded. It was July 7th, 2003 when the launching of the Mars rover commenced. The aircraft left the ground as slow as a cloud traveling through the sky, while excitement flooded Larmoore’s body. His eyes widened as he was captivated by history unfolding right in front of him.
As time progressed Larmoore was searching websites, watching movies, and reading space related material; this continues to light a fire within him. He daydreams about the day when going to Mars becomes a norm. He looks up at the stars and knows that we will go up there to understand the unknown someday.
Larmoore’s currently a freshman in college at 19 years old and is taking a course at Stockton University. The next step for him would be to become a full-time student at the university as an astronomy major and later become an astronaut for SpaceX American Aerospace Manufacturers.  
Mesmerized by the sight of history, he knew in that moment that he wanted to pursue astronomy and space as his passion and career. It’s a dream he’s had since he was a child, and it’s a dream he continues to carry with him to this day because according to Larmoore, “Life has a plan for you and you gotta go with those plans.”
Larmoore has sat in wonder and awe about space for years hoping that one day he would join a space mission to an extraterrestrial planet. Seeing the skills and advanced technology growing, he believes that his future will lie beyond this atmosphere in the unknown depths of space.
          edited by Alex Bluze

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