Thursday, November 1, 2018


Written by: Trent Clinkscale

Transferring to a different school at any point can be very challenging for a college student. Having to adjust to a new place, new people, and a possible difference academically can go completely smoothly or be disastrous but is usually somewhere in the middle. Stockton University welcomes about 1,500 new transfer students each year, and their experience and journey to becoming a successful Osprey is unique.  One such transfer student is Keairra Lee, a junior who spent her first two years at Rutgers University Mays Landing Campus at Atlantic Cape Community College.
Like so many transfer students,  Keairra’s reason for transferring is following her academic interest.
“They didn’t have the communications major that I wanted to pursue so I came to Stockton. So far I like it a lot and it wasn’t a big move or anything coming from Mays Landing.”
When asked what her favorite thing about Stockton is so far, Keairra replied with a smile, “That I transferred the day was able to transfer a little late because I was stuck in health administration at my old school and I really didn’t want to keep doing that.”
For most undergraduates here at Stockton, they quickly get a feel for the school and the way things work as a freshman and are largely settled in after this, as Stockton is all they know. This means that for transfer students such as Keairra, it can often feel as though they are behind the curve and need to catch up to their peers who have been here.  
But transfer students also bring unique background from their previous schools that can help them individually and help Stockton as a whole in being an institution with a diversity of experience among its students.
When asked what was the most positive thing she took away from her time at Rutgers, Lee replied, “The good people I met there.”
Finally, on if she felt like an Osprey yet, Lee said emphatically “Of course!”

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