Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Meet the South Jersey Film Nerds

By Luke Miller

At Stockton University there is a variety of clubs you can choose from, covering
all kinds of hobbies and interests. Each semester students are encouraged to put
themselves out there and find a club that works for them. But until the Spring 2018
Semester, Stockton lacked the presence of a film club. But as of this semester the
South Jersey Film Nerds are a new club, looking for anyone from any major to join!

Mike Gencarelli, a junior at Stockton and a communications major, said about the
club, “South Jersey Film Nerds is about collectiveness and bringing members together
to work on projects, as well as getting new people involved.” Mike spoke about how
through the club he has gained new friends with similar interests, all while gaining
valuable work experience.

They work on their own independent projects, work with each
other on projects, or film other club events. “I have done projects, fundraising, making
films, filming events, and planning the future of the club.”

Mike also took the initiative
and ran for the club’s Treasurer position, and won. Mike has truly taken advantage of
this new club, and new opportunities.

If you are interested in working on your own projects, working on projects with
other people, or filming events for clubs, then this club is for you. They meet twice a
week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the main campus.

Regardless of whether you
want to film your own movies or just help people with theirs, this club is a great
networking opportunity. This is a young club, and with time will only get better. The more
members they get, the more the club will grow. Before they came along, Stockton was

missing a film club, but now that the South Jersey Film Nerds are here take advantage
of it.

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