Thursday, April 5, 2018

Stockton’s Community TV Partnership provides unique opportunity for students

By Michael Heilman

It’s that time of year again where students register for Summer and Fall classes at Stockton University. For students who need to take an internship, look no further than the Community TV Internship. This internship gives students a real-world working experience in the television industry. Michael Zubrzycki, the Liaison for TV Studio and Academic Support, who works with the students in the studio says “Through the internship, students gain hands-on experience in television studio production, participating in a number of crew positions from director to camera operator. Students receive broadcast credit, as these programs are not only online, but also aired on through local broadcasting sources. The internship is focused on providing students real-world experience that will enhance and strengthen their resumes.” Students will produce three shows a week, and those shows are Latino Motion with Bert Lopez, 30, The Press of AC television magazine and South Jersey Business with Joe Molineaux.

Students who decide to take this internship will come away with a ton of knowledge and understanding of how the industry works. Zubrzycki explains, “Students gain the advantage of developing their technical, teamwork and interpersonal skills in the studio environment will increase. Interns will also be exposed to the production processes within the studio that demand teamwork and group cooperation in order to succeed. Students will also develop professional interpersonal skills by utilizing their skill sets successfully with program clients and guests.”

Student’s will have the opportunity to network with the talents of Latino Motion’s Bert Lopez, South Jersey Business Joe Molineaux, and Pamela Dollak, Maxwell Reil along with other staff members from the Press of Atlantic City. Zubrzycki adds that “Interns are exposed to a variety of professionals through this internship, including local politicians, business owners, non-profit organizations and community organizers. Students have a unique opportunity to form professional one-on-one connections, and such networking may lead to valuable references, recommendations, interviews and employment offers.”

Students who are interested in the internship are encouraged to contact Professor Ludovich and Professor Newman by email, phone or visit their office. The internship is offered every semester.

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