Monday, April 2, 2018

Stockton Student TV to Host Masquerade Ball

By: Luke Miller & Colton Van Cleave

On Friday April 6th at 8pm, Stockton Student Television will host Stockton University's first ever Masquerade Ball at the Lakeside Lodge. The event costs $7 a ticket for basic admission to the dance or $10 for a ticket plus a masquerade mask. The event's intent is to raise money for Make A Wish NJ in hopes of making a child's wish come to life! The event organizers have made it a goal to raise a total of $1,000 for Make A Wish NJ, and it's a goal the organizers themselve believe to be obtainable. Along with the main goal hoping to be accomplished by hosting the dance, they hope to provide a special night for students, one that has not been seen at Stockton University before! This formal styled dance will entail everything from night-life entertainment, provided by Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Zach Muntazar, as DJ. The event organizers are Nadira Anderson, Jessica Burton, Colton Van Cleave, and Mikayla Yuen. Also assisting in hosting and organizing are volunteers from SAE Fraternity, and media coverage from the event host, SSTV, and their reporters and personnel. 

After sitting down with Colton Van Cleave, member of SSTV and one of the event's organizers, we learned more about how the event started as an idea, and came to fruition. "We got the idea from our friend Brittany Valenti who helped us out at the beginning stages of setting the event up. Considering the idea of Make A Wish NJ, it got me thinking as to how the dance would make a real positive impact for a child out there. An event like this will also boost Stockton University by showing that we are here to make real positive changes in the community around us, and while doing that, improving on campus entertainment life on a Friday night." Colton went on to explain, he was inspired by Tim Tebow who has held similar events in the past, but for different charities. Colton and Tim both chose the dance style format to raise awareness and funds for their respective charities. Colton explained why it's important for Stockton students, "By them coming out to an event like this, they are taking the first step in making a positive impact on child's life. Too often, we are engulfed by everyday rhetoric where we often forget who we are as people, and it starts with a community, and student body uniting like this to create real change."

Make sure to come out and support SSTV and the Make A Wish NJ on April 6th at 8 pm, at the Lakeside Lodge. It is sure to be a great event, with a great cause attached to it.

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