Monday, April 23, 2018

Stockton Selling Seaview

Stockton University has just announced that one of their campuses, Seaview resort, will no longer be in their position by the end of this decade after nearly ten years of being part of Stockton’s residence. According to Stockton University’s President, Harvey Kesselman, the reason they are selling this resort is due to a combination of the opening of the new campus in Atlantic City and the constantly high expense of maintaining Seaview. As a result, it was solely in the best interest of Stockton’s management that Seaview be sold to ease the financial stress of the university. Thus, the new beachfront housing for 533 students at the new Atlantic City campus will serve as its spiritual replacement.

Now President Harvey Kesselman has stated that the name of the potential buyer and the sale price will not be released until the sale is completed. This means that they haven’t found a buyer yet; though it has been speculated that they will find one with in the year due to the high value of the property. Many of the 267 students that are living at Seaview are a bit saddened by this, especially since it’s the students who are having trouble finding residence in Stockton’s standard campuses often go to as a last resort. It is a very enjoyable last resort for them too, with their golf club, fancy rooms that many celebrities have visited, and their peaceful view of the Atlantic City shoreline. Parting will truly be sweet sorrow once the purchase is complete.


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