Thursday, April 26, 2018

Stockton Sorority Ends the Semester with Community Service

Stockton Sorority Ends the Semester with Community Service
Written By: Jocelyn Quinones

Stockton sorority Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc. held their 6th annual St. Jude walk to fight childhood cancer. Held on Saturday, April 21st at the Lakeside Lodge Oasis, they managed to raise a total of $350. With this year’s theme being superheros, the sorority promoted this event by calling for all superheros of the student body. Their captions read, “Help us on our mission to help fight childhood cancer! Throw on your superhero capes and join our walk because every little hero needs a sidekick!” With a total of 70 people in attendance, not including the sisters, the event was surprisingly successful given all of the students moving back home that weekend for the summer.
With its child-friendly environment, the sorority managed to include multiple bouncy houses scattered across the oasis all thanks to the charitable K & M Party Bouncers.
LTA also provided an authentic popcorn kettle machine, snow cones, and catered Hispanic food that was included with admission. This event created a sense of nostalgia among students as they sat at tables decorated with their childhood superheros and played with table gifts such as yoyo’s and spin tops. Vianka Torres, a junior here at Stockton University, stated, “I had a lot of fun! It was like being a little kid again, I got my face painted and I sat at the tables eating candy that I haven’t had in years.”

St. Jude being the sorority’s chapter philanthropy, each year all of their fundraising efforts go directly to the hospital as one chapter check. Kelly Tran, the newest initiate to LTA joining in the Fall of 2017 stated, “It just brings joy to my heart to know that this is what we’ve been working so hard for. If my siblings were fighting the same battle, I would want others to help too.” Although this end of the year community service was a successful one, members of the sorority can only hope for more success in the years to come.

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