Monday, April 23, 2018

Stars for a Cause

Stockton University and the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority hosted their annual Search for the Stars event on Thursday, March 22nd. The sorority has this event every year to help support their national philanthropy, breast cancer education and awareness. During this event, multiple students of Stockton competed in a talent show. The event was held in Stockton’s Performing Arts Center on campus at 8 pm. Anyone was able to participate, making for a great social event being very inclusive. Some competitors included the new member classes of different sororities and fraternities at Stockton performing group dances. Other competitors were single acts from ZTA sisters. There were nine different acts ranging from choreographed dancing, piano and guitar playing, and singing. As the show began to wrap up, ZTA was pulling raffle tickets for baskets that they have put together, while the judges were tallying the contestants scores. After evaluating all of the acts, the winner was announced. Gianna Graw, a graduating sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, came out on top winning with her singing and guitar-playing act. Sarah Girolamo, a freshman and new member of ZTA shared her experience, “being a part of Search for the Stars was an experience that I will never forget. It was the first time, as a new member, that my pledge class got close and came together to put on a performance. It was my first real experience running an event held by ZTA and, while doing so, it made me realize why I joined such an organization.” Being a part of this experience, either in the crowd or actually involved in the show, was a great time to see multiple Stockton Greek organizations come together and put on an entertaining show, all while raising money for a great cause.

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