Friday, October 26, 2018

Best Places to Eat Around Atlantic City Campus

(The Knife & Fork Inn, within walking distance of Stockton’s Atlantic City Campus)

Best Places to Eat Around Atlantic City Campus
By: Dominic Verrichia

Many Stockton students who either live on or take classes at the Atlantic City campus often complain about having to take the shuttle to main campus and feeling like they are not a part of the school. However, students who frequent the Atlantic City campus should take advantage of the many nearby places to eat.

Students who are looking for a bar atmosphere should check out Vagabond off West end avenue. This restaurant is packed from wall to wall every weekend. The food is reasonably priced and the service is excellent. Well known restaurateur and TV show host Guy Fieri featured this restaurant on his show “Diners Drive-ins and Dives”. This TV famous restaurant is a must see experience for all Stockton students looking for good food at a cheap price.

A short drive down Pacific Avenue will take students into the Tanger Outlets where they can find P.F. Chang’s, a moderately priced but top notch chinese restaurant. The food served here is well worth the drive, as it beats all other nearby chinese restaurants. Of the many options, the chicken lettuce wraps are highly recommended along with the Kung Pao chicken. They are also very accommodating to all food allergies and they offer many vegan options. This restaurant is great for anyone looking for quality chinese food, especially those with diet restrictions.

Students 21 and over who are in the mood for an adventure can take a drive over to the Borgata Hotel and casino to try the very reasonably priced buffet that serves anything and everything a person could want for breakfast lunch and dinner. The line here can fill up fairly quickly, so be prepared to wait. Overall, the Borgata buffet is reasonably priced, and guarantees a full stomach every time.  

A few blocks away from campus, Carmine’s Italian restaurant can be found at the Tropicana where they serve huge portions, family style. Bring a group of friends to this restaurant, and be ready to take home enough leftovers to last a few days. This restaurant can get rather expensive, but split between a group and given the leftovers, it makes for a fairly reasonable place to get quality Italian food.

For students with some extra cash looking for a fancy date night with some high quality food, check out the Knife and Fork Inn. This restaurant is within walking distance of campus. The food here is expensive, but it’s a great place to take that special someone without having to drive far.

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