Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Can Corn Really Be That Scary?

This sign is the first thing seen while in line to purchase a ticket

Terrifying Corn Maze at 
R and J Farm
By Amie Moore

Rumor has it that years ago, a farmer from Egg Harbor Township was never seen again after he went into his cornfield to harvest. Since then, R and J Farm features terrifying mazes, a horror movie projected on the side of a building, a haunted hayride with your worst nightmares, and many more.

As Halloween rounds the corner, many places hold scary events. But if you’re a Stockton student, the Cornfields of Terror are the place to go. Only ten minutes from Stockton University, you and a group of friends can have the scare of your life as the atmosphere gets ready for Halloween. And even if you don’t have the courage to go through the scary maze, there is a different one where there are no jump scares, no monsters, and no reason to be scared. But who really wants to miss out on an adventure you will never forget?

From werewolves howling in the moonlight to Freddie Kroeger with his symbolic chainsaw, this night will have you trembling with fear as you take the stroll through corn fields in the dark. But as student Sierra Brown claims, “It’s all fun and games until the chainsaw.”

From previous experience, a group of friends including the writer were screaming until their throats were sore. We arrived at the Fields at around 8:45pm and left at around 11:30pm. As a group, we traveled through the non-scary corn maze first, getting lost and even a little scared along the way.

After part one of the night was completed, we moved onto the next challenge,
the haunted hayride. While it was less than five minutes long, monsters and scary creatures jumping on board made the ride feel like hours. They were behind us, in front of us, one had a chainsaw and pretended to cut off my friend’s feet sitting right next to me. As she says, “I almost strangled the guy with the chainsaw.” We got dropped off at the next corn maze, the real scary part of the night.

Traveling in a conga line was my group and I as we were jumping at every move we heard from the corn fields. The journey was twenty minutes long! Imagine living your own nightmare for twenty minutes straight with people lit on fire and living skeletons following your every move. My friend Grace said upon the night, “Great atmosphere but heavy on the strobe lights.” And boy was she right, there were eye-level strobe lights at almost every turn you made.

When we saw light, we realized it was the end of the hell we just walked through. We ran out of the maze like we were being chased by murderers. Oh wait…

Overall, the night was one to remember. It is highly recommended by many, especially students at Stockton considering its close distance. You should definitely consider stopping by the Cornfields of Terror and from my friends and I, enjoy the scare of your life.

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