Sunday, October 21, 2018

Juggling and Circus Club at Stockton

Above is Aimee Balint, creator and head (Overlord) of the Juggling and Circus Club at an Open Juggle demonstrating her abilities with juggling pins.

Juggling and Circus Club at Stockton
By Cole Moore

“A good portion of the members in the club don’t know how to juggle, but all you have to do is show up Monday and Wednesday from 4-6, we meet in the D/C Wing Atrium.”

Aimee Balint created the Juggling and Circus Club during her freshman year at Stockton University in order to make more friends. Her love for juggling and circus activities was her way to draw in other students by mesmerizing them with her visual talents. No matter what skill level you are, everyone is welcome to join the club if they are willing to learn a new skill.

“I started the club in hopes to make more friends but ended up being very lonely the first two semesters, but that’s okay because now I have friends.”

Balint is referring to her now group of students (or friends) who make up the Juggling and Circus Club, each person at differing levels of skill and interest in different acts. But what are the other acts that fall under the “Circus” part of Balint’s club?

“Juggling and manipulation: devil sticks/fire sticks, Chinese yoyos, partner acrobatics, contortion, we do slackline when it’s nicer outside and basically anything can fall under the category ‘circus arts’ if you try. We also have clowning and miming which are very typical to busking or street performing.”

Along with her Vice President Tina Notaro, Balint is the main teacher of juggling and the other acts in the club and she encourages anybody with an interest in anything they think relates to “circus arts” to join her club and improve their skills.

On top of juggling, another main act of the juggling and circus acts club is stilt walking, strapping on two artificial legs that make you tower over any normal sized person. As long as you’re not afraid of heights stilt walking is highly encouraged by the members of the club.

And it’s not just practicing in the C/D wing Atrium. The juggling and circus arts club also performs at many different events working with other clubs here at Stockton.

“We have done several performances and usually we team up with other clubs and organizations. We’ve done Phoenix Night Market for two years. We’ve also done the Stockton performing arts talent show and we won first place! This is the first semester we are doing our own event and also we’re going to do an event with physics club, potentially creator’s club, and Theater Club.”

So if you’re not busy Monday and Wednesday from four to six, come check out the juggling and circus arts club!

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