Friday, October 26, 2018

Stockton University Students Ask for Off Campus Housing

Stockton University Students Ask for Off Campus Housing
By: Keairra Lee

Pictured above is a visualization of the possible future off campus housing at Stockton
Stockton University’s new campus opened only two months ago and already many students have wondered if and when their will be off campus housing offered. The new campus opened in Atlantic City in August of 2018, just off the boardwalk and beach, built where the old Atlantic City High School had sat decades prior. The main campus in Galloway, NJ and the new campus in Atlantic City have been very convenient for students to commute back and forth for their academic classes as well as their dorm room/campus living, but students are asking for off campus housing that will allow them to stay during the spring and summer breaks. Some students prefer this method of housing so that they can continue their studies during their breaks. The idea of off campus housing has not yet been considered, being that there is still construction being done to the building attached to the school’s parking garage, as well as the campus parking lot for commuter students only. Back in August of 2018, it was said that Stockton would purchase one of Atlantic City closed casinos, The Atlantic Club. However, after negotiation, the deal fell through and they were no longer considering to purchase the black empty space that was Hilton Casino’s first before becoming The Atlantic Club which is also closed. During the process of Stockton purchasing The Atlantic Club, it was said that the prior casino was going to be an expansion of Stockton’s campus. However it is not known whether the expansion would include housing that would guarantee students a place to call “home” away from home during the spring and summer breaks. . When asked what he thought of the idea of Stockton building an off campus housing complex, Atlantic City resident Yusuf Serker said, “I support off campus housing, but it will take a long time to build because they will have to find a place for the space of the housing and the city needs to find the funding.”

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