Wednesday, October 17, 2018

When will Carluccio's Pizza open again?

Carluccio's in its current state
Carluccio's out of order sign

Carluccio’s Strange Hiatus
By Thomas Taylor

Towards the beginning of this school year, many Atlantic City campus goers enjoyed dining at Carluccio’s pizza. Suddenly, Carluccio’s closed down just three weeks into the school year leaving many students with questions centering around its abrupt closing. But, to some the closing wasn’t so shocking. Student and former Carluccio’s employee Kyle Buckberg said, “It doesn’t surprise me at all. I used to work there.” Carluccio’s only to students’ questions responded with a sign that spawned more questions than before.

It stated that Carluccio’s closed due to operational equipment being out of order, but did not give an projected date of reopening or exactly what equipment was out of order. But, Carluccio’s might be back sooner than most people would think.

Carluccio’s was closed because of a problem with ventilation for their pizza oven, according to XXXX. Pizza oven ventilation problems could have potentially put both customers and employees at risk of smoke inhalation.

Authory DXXXX Allen writes in Restaurant Ventilation: Best Practices “Having proper ventilation for your restaurant is imperative for employee and customer health as well as food sanitation. Improper ventilation can result in safety violations, higher utility bills, decreased employee productivity, and even flaring tempers from customers as well as employees. It can also result in loss of traffic due to unpleasant odors or uncomfortable conditions.”

Luckily Carluccio’s is close to fixing the ventilation problem so that Stockton students can all breathe easy and enjoy pizza. Carlo, the founder of Carluccio’s, has just recently contacted the manager of Stockton Dining in Atlantic City and said that Carluccio’s is projected to reopen around October, twenty second. A faculty member who chose not to give her name has said about the matter, “Now that you’ve had the best, and unfortunately because of circumstances beyond our control, you can now try the rest, but we promise that you’ll be back.”

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