Friday, October 19, 2018

Congressional Candidates Critique Stockton's Leadership

Seth Grossman and Jeff Van Drew debate in Stockton’s theatre room.

Congressional Candidates Critique Stockton School
By Ryan Kennedy

Stockton University -- On October 10th, Stockton University held the Congressional District 2 debate which featured Republican Seth Grossman, and Democratic candidate Jeff Van Drew. The two candidates were invited to debate in front of Stockton’s students, faculty, and to anyone else watching live through multiple different broadcasts in the Campus Center Theater.

What seemed to be a simple debate suddenly turned shocking when Independent candidate Anthony Parisi Sanchez entered one of the broadcasting rooms and spoke to those within the room about his disgust with the Stockton president and other members of the faculty. 

“There should be 6 people on that stage debating right now, but the corruption from your president only allows for those two, and we know damn well that he is in full support of Jeff Van Drew” said Sanchez during his speech. Sanchez then went around to each and every person willing to talk to him, giving them business cards and describing his personal belief that Stockton President Dr. Harvey Kesselman has the intent to “brainwash” the students at Stockton to swing for a Democratic president. 

Shortly after, the actual debate began and to the surprise of many, Republican Seth Grossman also brought up the fact that the staff at Stockton is to blame for the rise of Democratic voters because of the bias that the school has. 

“When was the last time you had a conservative history teacher? Or a conservative sciences teacher? Or a conservative literature teacher? If not, then there is not a balanced education, which results in students to be programmed into radical Democrats. Radical Democrats are going around and assaulting people for their political opinions! I am very disappointed in the questions asked from the students, where were the questions about the sanctuary cities in the United States acting very similar to the Confederate States during the American Civil war, illegal immigration, or how about when the FBI used tactics that were illegal during their investigations?” said Grossman in his final statement.

It was the last sentence that created a minor uproar within the audience. “I think that is Stockton really needs a change of leadership” said Grossman. 

Immediately, the crowd went from silence to a mixture of applause and appalled faces. Both of these candidates had something to say about Stockton, and it certainly created a conversation. 

Stockton student Robert Niemeyer stated “That was a lot more intense than I really thought it would be. I didn’t know enough information about either of the candidates and I am glad I went to this.” 

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