Friday, October 26, 2018

Life of an Environmental Major

Life of an Environmental Major
By: Shawn Cella

Many students all over the world enter college with no idea of what they want to major in. Hopeful to be inspired by a variety of intro classes, they stress about time running out and not getting a full understanding of what each major can provide. It is difficult to pick a major when you are really unsure of what exactly that major does.
Stockton University offers a diverse number of majors that you could graduate with. This ranges from communication, criminal justice, hospitality, marketing, and many more. Recently, students who are declared environmental majors were interviewed about the program.
Haley Wilmot, Sophomore and environmental major, told me that “being able to go outside for class and seeing the wetlands really puts everything that we learn in the classroom into perspective. A picture is being painted directly in front of us.”
One thing that separates the science department at Stockton from every other department is the fact that the campus is built on a perfect location to learn from the outdoors. With the university being built on 1,600 acres of New Jersey Pine Barrens, and being located so close to the Atlantic Ocean, Stockton can provide you with research and real-life examples of habitats and research from right outside the front door.
    In addition to being a perfect location, Stockton just recently built an entire new 33.2 million dollar science building called the Unified Science Center 2.
According to the Stockton University website, “The three-story building houses teaching and research labs for various disciplines in the sciences, a vivarium, a large greenhouse, a multipurpose room and faculty offices. The 58,210 square foot building is an expansion of the existing 64,000 square-foot Unified Science Center.”
Right now, it is a perfect time to join Stockton University’s science program. Everything is new, and it is a terrific place to get an environmental science degree.
Chase Clemetson, environmental major, explained that there are so many different jobs that a student can get after they graduate. Some of these jobs which include marine biologist, nature conservation officer, environmental engineer, and water quality scientist.
Anyone who is struggling to decide what major they want to pursue here at Stockton University should definitely look into the highly recommended environmental science program that is here.

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